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Tandem Paragliding Munich

Fly the Bavarian Alps

  • we offer 2 outstanding flying sites
  • only 50 kilometers south of Munich
  • easy to reach by train or car
  • foto & video documentation on request
  • certified equipment
  • insurance according to german law


Paraworth Tandem Paragliding Munich is within 1-hour drive or train ride from the beautiful Bavarian Alps. We endeavor to make the most of your opportunity to fly with you. Therefore we choose from a number of locations in the Alps depending on the weather conditions for the day of your reservation. Once you make a booking with us you will be sent the contact details of your pilot. Then together with your Pilot, you will make the necessary arrangements to meet and fly on your chosen flight day.


Paragliding is a weather-dependent sport. Our number one priority is your safety, therefore flights may be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled if the weather conditions are unsuitable for any reason. If you suffer from any motion sickness it is advisable to take the recommended medication a few hours prior to your flight. Passengers must be prepared for a short run at launch and landing. A full briefing and practice are standard procedure for all passengers.

Tandem Flight Cost

There are currently 3 tandem options available. The price varies from the Bavarian Alps option which is our standard option at € 185 per person to our Romantic Road at € 215 per person.
The price includes all equipment, basic instruction, warm clothing, and the cable car trip up the mountain. Please bring your own closed shoes, boots or running shoes. If your flight is canceled for any reason after we have gone up the mountain you will be liable for your cable car rides and refunded for your flight only.

Flying sites

Our flying sites are located in one of Bavaria’s most beautiful landscapes and surrounded by the Bavarian Alps. Only 50 km south of Munich.
The sites are easy to reach from Munich within a 60-minute drive by car or train


Questions left?
Please follow this link to our FAQ section or contact us directly.


Paragliding videos

We endeavor to video or photo-grab your dream flight. We use an HD Go Pro camera mounted on a monopod or helmet. This is a service that is offered by most of our pilots to help you remember and share the memories with friends and family.

The video service cost is € 30.00 and includes a 16 GB SD card so that you can take the SD card with you at the end of the flight. We are also happy to post photos to Facebook for your convenience. If you wish to bring your own 4GB or larger SD card the cost will be only € 25.00

Please take note that there are occasions when filming will not possible due to safety or technical difficulties so it is always advised that you bring your own filming equipment so you will not be disappointed.

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