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How to proceed after booking:

After booking we confirm your booking and put down your flight date in an calender. The evening before the flight day we will send you an email confirming your flight together with an description on how to get to the flying site. We either meet at the flying site directly or we do pick you up from the train station of your flying site destination.

What do you provide in the price?

We provide all equipment like harness, flight suit, helmet, gloves and the cable car ride ticket up to the top of the mountain.

Do you refund?

Yes, we refund if we can not fly due to bad weather or pilots no show. We do not refund when our customer is not showing up at the flight date without telling us two days before at least.

What do we need to bring?

A good mood šŸ™‚ Please wear sporty dress and very important – stable shoes which allow you to walk safe on the mountain.

How spectacular are your the flying sites?

The landscape we fly is one of the most beautiful scenery in Bavaria. You can see the Bavarian and Austrian Alps like the tallest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitze or the tallest mountain of Austria, the GroƟglockner. You see the valleys with their nature and beautiful farmer houses or one of the most beautiful lake of Germany. We fly over a castle here too and we land next to cows or horses on the field. On bright sunny days we can see more than 60 km far and also the city of Munich.

How to get to the flying site?

You can arrive at the flying site either by train or car.
There is a train running from Munich central station to the destination of the flying site directly. We provide a detailed train use description after booking. The description will be send the evening before the flight day by email or SMS.
If you have a car please let us know before. We then send a detailed navigation description.

Do you fly over Neuschwanstein castle?

No, we donĀ“t fly Neuschwanstein castle. We decided to use the flying sites which are closer to Munich and within an easier and shorter reach by train. Our flying sites also offer launching in all 4 wind directions which is not the case at Tegelberg (Neuschwanstein). This gives a greater chance to fly than only using one site with limited launch possibilities like the one which is at the castle.

Are we insured?

Yes, you are! German authorities are really tough on this matter which we welcome. You are insured at 100% to german law authorities

Are there age restrictions?

No there are no age restrictions.

Do you fly children too?

Yes we do as long as they reach the minimum weight. We also like to fly the kids in the morning when the air is calm. We know about the extra responsibility and we do double check the weather before we take them in the air.

What is the minimum weight?

The minimum weight is 35 Kg or 77 lb

What is the maximum weight?

The maximum weight is 110 Kg or 242 lb

Are the pilots certified?

To a 100%. We only have pilots who are certified by the german paragliding association and have proven their skills in paragliding competitions or as a flight instructor.

Is your equipment certified and state-of-the-art?

We have to do an official company check on our equipment by law each year and we also use only the newest and best equipment on the market.

Do you fly when it is raining or in bad weather?

We donĀ“t fly in rain or very strong wind conditions. Safety first is our goal and we are very conservative in terms of safety and weather skills.

Do you fly handicapped people?

It depends on the handicap. Please contact us before booking.

Do you offer a pick-up service from Munich?

Arriving by train is really easy and also if you want to arrive by car it is only a 50 km drive. We will provide a detailed description of how to get to the meeting point of our flying sites after the booking.

Can we fly together at the same time?

Depending on the size of the group – yes you can.

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